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Review of 2007

Ive done a movie … with a soundtrack! … of some of the highlights of the year … and what a year its been!!

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Pedro has been busy – SKID ROW / SIGN TOUR and G.U Medicine Piccies added!

Pedro has been busy catching up with piccis from recent gigs and tours. They can all be found in Pedro’s gallery at

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FUK in Bolton! … on Boxing Day …

There have been a few changes in the FuryUK camp since we last saw them in Camden in July … surely its not been that long! … not least of which is in the beard department … to the dismay … Continue reading

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Merry Bitchin Christmas Eve – with Patchwork Grace … DIP … and a little turkey

Well it Christmas time again … and to get the festivities off to a swinging start the BitchinRockFamily gathered, in the rather more splendid than I imagined, bar of Ilkston FC … for a Christmas Party hosted by Patchwork Grace … Continue reading

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Glyder rockofages Interview / Glyder Playground For Life

We don’t normally blog about other blogs but the BitchinRockFamily is getting excited … not just about Xmas 🙂 but a new Glyder album … due late January 2008.

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Big Pete

So this is what he’s been up to … ?Ha Ha Ha……yep looks like my driving 🙂 (Pedro)

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Ten Steps Away…tour’s over :)

The last few days have been an absolute pleasure. Ten Steps Away are crazy, beautiful, lovely guys and I love them all very much. We’ve had loads of fun on the road and at the gigs. We’ve been gassed by … Continue reading

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Iceland Is Could (Day3) … and Thank You’s

As Donna and Sabs were getting up, Gis rang us to see if we wanted to visit the Blue Lagoon on the way to the Airport … Sabs wasn’t sure if she wanted to go in but Donna and I … Continue reading

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Iceland Is Could (Day 2)

Its taken a little while to get here as I wanted to sort some pictures before I went live with Day 2.

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