Electric Boys, Bad Touch & Kinkade at Camden Underworld. Friday 26th September 2014

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

Friday 26th September – Camden Underworld
Electric Boys, Bad Touch & Kinkade

Quick Breakfast and a mad dash for London. No service stops again, you never know how bad the traffic is going to be on Friday,
The Electric Boys tour bus has had a blow out, so they will be making a mad dash for venue too. They still get there before us though lol
#tour problems eh

We arrived in Camden and found a safe spot to park up. Only cost a fiver too. Bargain.
Spent a good 10 minutes trying to get downstairs into venue. All locked. Luckily Stevie Bad Touch got barmaid to unlock doors for us. Had a chat with staff about merch area and then went through the process of trying to get out and in again with merch boxes 😉 Thieving buggers about, so safer to keep doors locked

Merch area in different room again, so I won’t get to see the last show. But I don’t mind one bit, the sound wafts through to merch area nicely.
Lovely Linsey here to sell for Bad Touch again.She knows how to whip those guys into shape 😉

Merch set up and MrRob went out for supplies. I got point and shoot out to take some before shots. Underworld is a funky venue. Another venue with black walls and little stage. Atmosphere always great in here and tonight was no exception.



Bad Touch


Electric Boys (MrRob had to take these shots for me. I couldn’t find a gap or hold camera high enough to get any myself )


After gig, signing etc


We sold tons of merch and chatted with lots of lovely people.

Our friend, Trudi Knight and hubby came along. Haven’t seen Trudi since last Electric Boys tour. She is a fabulous photographer and you can find her shots of Electric Boys here : http://www.bandsonstage.co.uk/electricboys260914

From what I could hear , was a fabulous night.

Merch table cleared and ready for the guys to come and sign stuff. We had a little priduction line going, selling CDs, passing along from Franco, to Niclas, to Andy and finally Conny. Again people waited patiently for their turn.

Merch packed up and coming home with us for now. Money handed over to guys, goodbyes said to all and unfortunately it’s time for us to hit the road again.
Funnily enough, we don’t have that sadness this time……we know we’ll all meet again…..and that’s the truth.

This was my post on Facebook day after tour

Well, that’s it, the tour is over and the bubble has burst
Despite us having loads of tour problems, we have had a blast.
Electric Boys and Bad Touch are 2 of the easiest, loveliest bands to tour with.

First off a huge THANK YOU to our son, Kieran Scruffy Macdogwhistle Attrillfor stepping in and dog sitting our broken Bailey boy. We couldn’t have done it without you. He may be a bit plumper now, but he was safe and happy and that made me happy

Thanks to Conny Bloom and Electric Boys for inviting us along again.
We know you think we’re crazy, doing what we do. But we get to see and hear your amazing music and stage moves.
We hope we make life a little bit easier for you on the road. We can also dance when needed …and play BINGO
You know where we are when you need us. Next time we will spend some time with you. Maybe visit another castle
We love you guys x

Thanks to John Paterson for getting Electric Boys to the venues safely, despite the tour bus having a few hiccups. Been great to see your crazy, happy, face each day. Now get in that bunk!!

Tech /roadie Ross Louden , Thanks for all your help and for looking after the guys. So glad you caught that flying guitar in Llandudno
Have a blast on the European tour with Soil etc. See you on the road again one day soon

Bad Touch, keep up the good work. You guys are a pleasure to tour with. A breath of fresh air in a young band. No airs and graces, respectful …. Most of the time
Great band, with a great following. Brilliant sound and songs that get stuck in your head
Please get rid of the pink hoody Sign it and auction it off for a children’s charity or burn it !!
Mark Drewry, you’ve got a great bunch of guys there. Look after them. Great to spend time with you on tour.

Last but not least Thank you to my partner in crime MrRob aka Robin Attrill, for doing all the driving and help on merch. Couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without you.

Love and hugs to all

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

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