The Idol Dead 3rd album launch. Saturday 29th November 2014

Not many pics and what there are, are not great quality. Being an album launch and having a lot to take care of on merch and pledges, I didn’t have time or energy to run around with camera.

These are all taken from merch area.

apologies to Modern Day Dukes and Blacklist Saints. Hopefully snap you next time

Was a brilliant gig from all 3 bands. But loaded with stress for us on merch

Was great to see a load of The Idol Army tonight. The joy on people’s faces when they received their pledges, made me fuzzy inside 😉

Here’s what I posted on Facebook, after first listen to the new album

“24 hours later than hoped, here we are listening to Hollow Point Curses. The eagerly awaited third album from, one of my favourite bands in the world, The Idol Dead.
Just like Eric Idol, the guys are back and they’ve got balls!! Big meaty balls at that. From the intro, it’s clear the guys have put their Hearts, souls, sweat and tears into this album.
Meaty, , ballsy, catchy, anthemic tunes. Much heavier sound than previous albums. I for one approve.
Cannot wait for the album launch tomorrow, where we will be treated to these masterpieces live and in the flesh
I am immensely proud and also motherly protective towards these guys. Fantastic job guys.
Thank you for letting me be a small creative part of The Idol Dead pledge
Big huge pat on back to producer Carl, you sir are a genius x
KC Duggan, Polly Phluid, Nishan Gonsalkorale, Dan Sugden and Tim Idol, your bits are my favourites but don’t tell the others ”

Bitchin Rock Mistress


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