Modern Day Dukes and The Idol Dead at Basement, York. December 19th 2014

Absolutely gutted we couldn’t be there to support The Idol Dead on their tour with Richie Ramone. But we had way too much to do with renovating and repairing Bitchin Lock House.
Anyway, I managed to make it to last night of tour….by skin of my teeth. Had been working down Lock House, when Bailey sliced his paw open again. So instead of making journey home, we had to visit the Vets. By the time we’d got back home and I’d changed it was getting close to gig time.
Sabra very kindly came and met me and guided me to the venue. I sort of knew where it was, but would have been stood outside all night trying to find way in otherwise πŸ˜‰

Weirdly laid out venue, as names suggests in Basement. Low ceilings, so no high jumps for the guys tonight….if they do, there will be concussion I’m sure.
In between stage and sound desk is a ‘seating area’. Prove useful when I got my camera out, because most people had chosen to stand behind it, leaving lots os space.

KC and Sabra performed miracles with a tiny merch space and I took the liberty of setting up Modern Day Dukes….even managed to sell a few things πŸ˜‰

Modern Day Dukes : This band, these guys are bonkers. They get on stage and they are like a whirlwind. Their Christmas song has to be one of the most bizarre, but catchy songs ever

Idol Dead were amazing, but tonight it was all about KC. His guitar kept getting so much louder than anyone else πŸ˜‰

No pics of Richie Ramone. No space for me to sneak in down front and I was spending time with Sabra

It wasn’t light enough to get crisp shots, but I didn’t want to get flash out πŸ™ Unfortunately a lot of the shots were binned

Bitchin Rock Mistress

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