Modern Day Dukes, The Idol Dead and Hellbound Hearts at Fibbers, York. Sat July 12th 2015

by Bitchin rock Mistress

What with ill health, house renovation and adopting a arthritic older dog, it’s been a while since last gig. As they say, Life has got in the way
Have even been thinking about selling my camera gear due to lack of use.

Anyway this week has been good health wise and the furry boys are happy, so I headed off to York for the gig. Parked up and battled way through semi naked, oompah loompahs ladies …. It’s only bloody Race day isn’t it . People falling over in street, walking in front of cars and buses…..

Of course I was going against the flow. But I’ve been blessed with a resting bitch face, so with my bright, bitchin Orange beany on, I battled my way through with no problems, thankfully.

I had a brilliant night, behind the merch desk, with my beautiful, funny daughter. We don’t see each other so much these days and I cherish these times.

Absolutely belting gig, all 3 bands were amazing. Great crowd, great sound and brilliant venue, size wise and love their use of wood.
Just a shame we had to have merch around corner where we couldn’t see gig, but had bird’s eye view of the Bierkellar shenanigans all night 🙁
We saw things we can never unsee 😉

But we could hear the gig fine and I got to see a bit of each set whilst taking pics.
I really enjoyed taking pics again. Felt good, even with the LED lights and bloody smoke.

But best of all was seeing those lovely, friendly faces, new and old. Loads of cuddles. Loads of my Erics were adopted and have gone to new homes. I will miss those little guys
Cheers for a brilliant night everyone

Modern Day Dukes
What can I say? I love these guys. They are bonkers, they play tunes like nobodies watching 😉 They are not afraid to try something different and seem to have loads of fun in the process. Always a pleasure


The Idol Dead
Not sure about Polly’s nips being on show all night, but to be fair, he did do a bit of Pole dancing, so all good 😉
Brilliant, brilliant set from the guys. They changed it up a bit tonight.
These guys have an army of followers, an army who travels for miles to come see them. …… Peter and Jill travelling down from Scotland just for the gig.


Hellbound Hearts Hellbound Hearts
First time seeing these guys and I really liked their stuff. Meaty bass and catchy tunes. Look forward to seeing them again


Bitchin Rock Mistress (part time)

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