Finally, I’ve listened to Album 4 from The Idol Dead ‘Tension & Release’

I’ve decided it’s time to start my ramblings again. I may even get camera back out one day soon 😉

Last week those guys at The Idol Dead released their difficult 4th album to those of us who pledged.

I couldn’t log in to pledge music, it kept saying password was wrong. I sent several email requests to change, but nothing happened.
Managed to log in on phone and change password…..Then it was time to try and add to itunes
Computer is very old now and just getting it to start up is a long process sometimes.

When it all clanked into gear and I’d added the album to itunes I couldn’t get the bugger to stop shuffling the album Arggghhhh
I mean, when I get to know an album and it shuffles the songs, fair enough, I know which order they should be in
….but my guess is the album has an order, a flow, a story and I’d like it to be told from beginning to end.

I mean, I don’t read books from middle or end do I?!

I only managed to listen for first time yesterday. My first listen and I wasn’t instantly in love with it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a corker of an album, all songs are strong. But it just didn’t grab me like the previous albums.

Today I clicked play on the album, turned stereo up loud and went out kitchen to do my happy thing…..baking. (Vegan chocolate brownie cake for those curious amongst you)

So now I’ve managed to have a couple of listens, it has grown on me. There is a lot of emotion, angst, sadness….even anger in the songs. The album screams of ‘These guys have seen things and they want to share their experiences the best way they know how, through their music.’

Having not seen the guys for such a long time, I have no idea if this is the case, this is my impression.

Some of the songs take me back to the days of the Brat pack era ‘Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, St Elmo’s Fire….you get the idea.
Others have a huge punk vibe to them.

It’s been over 2 years since I’ve managed to get to one of their gigs, but Saturday I will be at their launch (if I can get a ticket). I can’t wait to see how much they’ve matured musically over this time.

Album launch details here : The Idol Dead ‘Tension & Release’ Launch

Apologies for being out of loop so long, life got in the way 😉
Bitchin Rock Mistress

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