Sworn To Oath, [sub] Nova & Cerberus – Manchester Grand Central Thursday 18th June 2009 – Eos 5d Mark2 First Impressions

Sorry but this is gonna be a gig and Camera review as I have a new Canon EOS 5D Mark2 … and I know some peeps might be interested in my first experiences with it …

OK so Donna dragged me away to Manchester from sleeping in front of the TV … think id spent too long reading and digesting the instructions for my New EOS 5D Mark2 … this was gonna be trial by fire for it if ever there was … the lighting in GC has always been tricky (lost of brightness but behind the band leavind them shadowed from the front) rendering flash a necessity … and that was with NORMAL lights … Tonight GC were using some new LED lights that through out even less light …. Aaaaaah!! I hadnt even brought the flash and Id only taken one lens and that wasn’t particularly “fast” being a 2.8

Once again huge apologies to Black Road Home … we are making a habit of being late for gigs but we will see you soon I’m sure.

So First up for the 5D MarkII were [sub]Nova … it didnt take me long to get into the groove of their sound … sorta “stoner-metal” … just what was needed after a dash across the M62 to chill and rock me into gig mode … worries about the new camera were soon forgotten as they carried me off with their rumbling thunder.

I has all intentions of setting the Mark2 up slightly differently to the Mark1 but I soon reverted to a similar “autofocus on half press of the shutter and lock focus by turning it off auto focus on the lens” technique ive used for 3 years to combat the Mark 1’s inability to auto focus in low light … the Mark2 is better but not by mutch. Metering in such low light was done using the shoot n review on the rear screen method (with the highlight indicator turned on and the auto screen brightness turned off) this was much easier on the Mark2.

A few shots at iso 1000 revealed that there was a need to go to higher sensitivity so I thought id jump to 5000 and see if I could use f4 to increase the depth of field (in focus) in a situation where with the Mark1 I would have resorted to using flash.

[sub] Nova

At iso 5000 There is quite a bit of noise but its far nicer (less banding) to my eyes anyway than the Mark1 was at iso 1600. In fact most of my pictures received little adjustment, other than cropping, in Light Room …

Next on stage were Cerberus … and they were fantastic … reminding me of Megadeath with machine gun style drumming … reminded me of “Speed Metal” before it was names “trash” and aggression overpowered good tunes and melody.

Id settled into using the new Mark2 … Canon has done a great job of making it easy for Mark1 users to swap over …. compared to the 40D with its unfamiliar layout.

By the time Sworn To Oath hit the stage I was well into the swing of the night and the Mark2 … so much so that the fact that I can shoot half as many pictures on the same memory card didn’t bother me … I just rocked out for almost all of the short high-enegy set of heavy three piece ROCK confident that I could get some great shots at the end …. which came all too soon.

I cant wait for there guys to right some more songs … tonight they could have just played the entire set again … all those at GC would agree …

So what do i like about the Mark2 … increased flexibility offered by better high ISO performance, the flashing highlight warning on the review screen and its improved resolution.
What I didnt like … size of the RAW files limiting me to 220 shoot on an 8gb card … which in turn has made processing on my 3 year old MacBook painfully slow. Thankfully the Mark2 has a work-around for now … it shoots in 3 sizes of RAW. 🙂

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4 Responses to Sworn To Oath, [sub] Nova & Cerberus – Manchester Grand Central Thursday 18th June 2009 – Eos 5d Mark2 First Impressions

  1. Presumably the smaller RAW sizes give less detail. Do you think this makes a major difference? You’ve got such a ridiculous pixel size to begin with. I’ll be interested to see what the camera does with flash attached.

    I look forward to seeing the next experiments.

  2. MrRob says:

    I experimented with the smaller RAW setting tonight in the pub on Dcadenze. again it was a very dark venue and I didn’t use flash … Just messing with one thing at a time till I’m happy with the efects. I’ll not try flash till the grip arrives Its heavy enough as is without the added wieght of a flash … I don’t wanna drop it !!

  3. Pedro says:

    drop it……………that’d be a shame……….anyone know where I can sell a kidney?

  4. …….or a right arm? I’d just love a Mk 2.

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