Heaven’s Basement – Cambridge Corn Exchange 29th November 2008

WOW – where do I start – what a performance, this is the third time I’ve seen these guys on this tour and tonights performance is right up there with some of my favourite gigs for years.

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There was a 3 song limit shooting in the pit – thank god, this meant I could join MrRob & Donna rocking out – I’ve a really sore throat today, but if you’re gonna sing along then you really do need to go for it 🙂

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Now a while ago I had a conversation with MrRob about limiting the number of shots from a gig to maybe the best 15 tops………..well there’s 49 here and at least double that which I’ve agonised about not putting up here. And all from the first three songs – thank god I couldn’t shoot the whole set I’d have needed 3 more 4gb cards.

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Can’t wait for Hard Rock Hell next week as along with these guys I get to see the magnificent Glyder and Welsh wonders Budgie

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