*G.U.Medicine* Revoker + Holy Grail. Day 1, O2 Academy 2, Birmingham-16 March 2011

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

After The Crave tour, we were meant to be sorting out house after the builders and then having a chill before the Star*Rats tour. But when G.U.Medicine announced the tour and put out a plea for merch seller etc, we just had to go, we LOVE these guys.

Day 1

Wed 16th March 2011 _ O2 Academy 2, Birmingham

Tour has started with a bang, well a CRACK. Windscreen has been whacked by a stone, now it looks like this !!

CRACK !! πŸ™

After a few phone calls to and from insurance company and Autoglass, it’s all arranged to have a new windscreen on Monday. Until then MrRob will just have to put up with the crack πŸ™


On to venue and introductions to Mark (Holy Grail/Revoker’s merch guy and HGs driver etc) and nods to the bands πŸ˜‰ Us ladies are shy πŸ˜‰

Merch set up in lobby and time for gig

First on tonight were A Poetic Yesterday


Those dirty rockers G.U.Medicine are ripping up the stage on first night of tour! At this rate we’ll all be knackered end of tour πŸ˜‰

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of them tonight

Net up were USA’s Holy Grail. A beautiful, sweet Β looking bunch of guys, until they start playing, then it’s like your eardrums are being ripped out Arrrrghhhhhhhh BUT great to watch πŸ˜‰

Headlining tonight are Welsh lads Revoker. Man they are loud and heavy too. This tour is going to be a test for me. I’m not a fan of heavy music, I prefer more ROCKY stuff, but I’m willing to listen with an open mind.



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