*G.U.Medicine* Revoker + Holy Grail. Day 5, Roadhouse, Manchester – 20 March 2011

by Bitchin Rock Mistress (Donna)

Day 5 – 20 March 2011  – Roadhouse, Manchester

After dropping G.U.Medicine home last night, we parked up outside Ryan’s house. We must have been tired, slept until Ryan woke us up at 12.30 pm 😉  Then he brought us a lovely HUUUGE mug of coffee and a slice of watermelon. nomnomnom

A stroll into Barnsley for some supplies and head off to Roadhouse, Manchester for some more ROCK !!!!

Beautiful day (what’s left of it)


On to Manchester

5.30 doors?? WTF? Arriving not long before doors, G.U.Medicine quickly unloaded trailer, while we were stuck on double yellow lines. Didn’t take long for a Traffic Warden to spot us and start scowling;)


Trailer empty, guys in venue, we had to go through all the fun of finding a parking spot!! Half an hour later we did it woohooo Back to venue, quickly set up merch and doors were open.


First band tonight were Skeletal Damage. They did a cracking job of warming up the crowd.


I actually enjoyed all 3 touring bands tonight. G.U.Medicine we love to bits. Great to see them all happy and enjoying themselves on stage 🙂


Revoker still  a bit heavy for my tastes, but I really enjoyed their set tonight.


Holy Grail are brilliant to watch, I’m still not into the music so much, it’s a lot heavier and faster than I’m used to …. but having said that, Sabra and I were having a good old headbang along to their set 😉


Free jager stuff =  many happy people;)


G.U heading back to Barnsley tonight. Rick and Murray have work tomorrow. Bitchin Rock heading home for night. Our new windscreen being fitted in the morning. Quote of day goes to MrRob ”    ”


Quote of day goes to BitchinRob “I’m going to miss my crack making me cross eyed when I’m driving” !!!


by Bitchin Rock Mistress (Donna)


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