*G.U.Medicine* Revoker + Holy Grail. Day 6, Corporation, Sheffield – 21 March 2011

by Bitchin Rock Mistress


Day 6, Corporation, Sheffield – 21 March 2011

After dropping the G.U guys back to Barnsley last night, Bitchin Rock had a night at home.

Autoglass coming to replace our windscreen today. MrRob will no longer be crossed eyed while driving 😉


on to Barnsley to collect most of G.U, then on to Corp, Sheffield.

What a night at Corp!! The sound was superb tonight. Great crowd too. We sold a good bit of G.U.Medicine merch too 🙂

Happy Birthday to Dale (G.U.Medicine)

Brilliant gig, loads of people in tonight. I DID take pics of G.U.Medicine, but MrRob  borrowed my camera after that, so he’ll have some Revoker and Holy Grail for you (hopefully)  😉


Great to see Brad (Disarm)

After gig and load out,  the guys (minus Rick, who has work tomorrow) went back into Corp for a bit of partying? Gave us some chill time in van 🙂 Now it’s back to Barnsley for the night. Newcastle tomorrow, not looking forward to being set up next to men’s loos though 🙁

by Bitchin Rock Mistress



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