*G.U.Medicine* Revoker + Holy Grail. Day 7, O2 Academy, Newcastle – 22 March 2011

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

Day 7, O2 Academy, Newcastle – 22 March 2011

After dropping G.U back to Barnsley, we parked up in layby.

There was a great place to walk Bess next to van. Parked up in layby was a burger van, where MrRob managed to buy the Biggest bacon and egg bap I’ve ever seen 😉


Picked guys up and headed to Newcastle.


Yep, we were right, merch to be set up in lobby, next to men’s toilets. the smell was VILE 🙁


I didn’t take big boy camera in, couldn’t be arsed with the hassle of chasing after photo pass etc.  But did take my little Panasonic in. shot a few pics of the 3 touring bands

Stinky next to merch :(


G.U. were on fire tonight. While I still find Revoker and Holy Grail to be too heavy music wise, I’m getting used to and even enjoying their sets most of the time

Onwards towards Glasgow, stopping off at Annandale Lake services for night. MrRob going through his Ipod, playing some right suspect stuff 😉





Holy Grail







by Bitchin Rock Mistress


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