*G.U.Medicine* Revoker + Holy Grail. Day 10, Rock City, Nottingham – 25 March 2011

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

After a night’s sleep at layby in Barnsley. I had a very hot, stressful shop in town!! By the time I got back to van I felt very ill and more than a little grumpy. G.U.Medicine, MrRob and Sabra waiting in Bitchin Rock Bus,I think they all knew I was in a bad mood after a couple of minutes (Sorry everyone).

Headed to Rock City Basement, Nottingham. I just couldn’t shake the bad mood or the feeling ill……

After guys had unloaded and MrRob had parked the van, we headed to Starbucks, for our first and only coffee of the day.

Taking Murray a double espresso with 4 sugars, as requested !!!!!


Watched the guys soundcheck while I set up merch. Great sound in Rock City. By the time gig started my mood had lifted and I ignored the stomach pains.


Brilliant set from G.U.Medicine. I love seeing the guys enjoy a show. Shame there weren’t more punters in, especially for a Friday night.  Mark Latham, friend of G.U and photographer came along for the night. Cool to see a ‘professional’ photographer at work tonight….even when he plays dirty and humps me while I’m taking a shot 😉



Cracking set from Revoker.



Holy Grail are a dream to watch, so much ‘action’ on the stage, always something to catch your eye.


All in all a cracking night. I never thought it would happen, but I’m enjoying the heavier music now. I’m used to the sounds of  Revoker and Holy Grail, even though both styles of music heavier than my usual tastes.  You can even find Sabra and myself headbanging down the front headbanging at times 😉


A Testosterone fuelled night which ended with lots of arm wrestling between G.U.Medicine’s Murray and various members of Holy Grail. Ending off with Revoker teaching Murray Welsh 😉


A crazy, alcohol fuelled travel back to Barnsley. Mark having a lift back, snapping drunken pics of the guys….and that’s all I’m saying about that journey 😉


You can view Mark Latham’s pics from the night here: http://www.marklatham.co.uk/ ….He’s got some corkers x


By Bitchin Rock Mistress




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