The Adulescents & Pure Jam – HallX Doncaster – July 9th, 2011

It seems like forever since I last used my EOS5D. I have had a few computer glitches that meant I missed being able to off load photos while on the road and so I have been using my iPhone as my primary camera … and to be honest got used to the ease with which I could “process” the (surprisingly good) photos and get them on to Twitter Facebook etc … BUT thanks to shoehorning a 1TB drive into my MacBook my tech issues are over.

Not that I hade great enthusiasm to go see or shoot a tribute / cover band but Donna was bored and her itchy trigger finger dragged me out of my red chair … off Down to Doncaster HallX to see and shoot our fiend Bo’s Pearl Jam Tribute band … “Pure Jam” …

But first on were a “Punk Rock” band The Adulescents … now I dislike Punk in general and would normally just make any excuse to get out of earshot … I snapped a few shots off quick and went to join the long queue for beer. I certainly wasn’t out of earshot and somehow found myself tapping my foot along to the music … rather than in impatience as the bar staff changed barrels and ran out of clean pint pots … I unexpectedly found myself enjoying their set and the manic dancing and flailing about of an over excited fan.

I also didn’t expect to like Pure Jam … but Bo is a great Vedder … at times I could close my eyes and be transported away form the HallX into an Enormodome somewhere in America and I suppose that is what a tribute act is suposed to do. I guess the real question is will go see them again? … yes probably as it is was a good night out and it was great to hear some of my favorite songs performed my a friend and his pals …

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