On tour with Electric Boys. Day 6. Trillians, Newcastle. 29th November 2012

By Bitchin Rock Mistress

On tour with Electric Boys. Day 6. Trillians, Newcastle. 29th November 2012

After driving home last night, didn’t get to bed until about 4am. Grabbed a few hours sleep before the next leg. Showered, fuelled with #freshpots, van restocked and ready to go, we hit the road.

Getting to venue was a bit different today, Tomtom taking us on completely different route. But we made and managed to park our beast of a van in the underground car park 🙂

Guys already loaded in and ready for sound check, so we got on with setting up merch area. Loads of room in the merch area except for the tables stuck to floor. I kept forgetting the one was there…..probably more tour bruises to come 😉

Riff X arrived, but no sign of Velvet Star. Seems they are caught in traffic jam, while emergency services deal with a casualty.

Finally arriving it was plain to see the 2 bands were confused as to what was going on with kit and logistics of small stage with 2 lots of gear on it. Ended up with Ginna setting up his kit as close to stage edge would allow, without him falling off or bumping into Nic’s kit (Electric Boys)

Velvet Star on first and stage space was so tight, so Danny and Corey spent most of their very, very short set on the ‘dance floor’ in front. They were Soon joined by Mewsey.
They played a great set to a very welcoming crowd.
Sabra is their merch bitch for tonight. I think I’ve been sacked now 😉

Riff X played a belter, they too making most of what very little space they had. No pics from me, not enough light, or chance to grab decent shot from side.

Electric Boys were superb again. Great crowd, loads of fun and a great one to end the tour on.
We had the guys wedged behind merch tables after the set, signing stuff for ages. It was a battle to get to the merch without accidentally tweaking bums 😉

Some guys who’d missed London gig, travelled all the way up for tonight. First thing they did was buy t-shirts. For rest of night, they danced, they had fun and even Conny joined one of them for a dance during the Electric Boys set.
There was a even a little ‘stripping’ from one of the ‘dancing’ guys 😉

These are taken from merch using my Iphone 5, my Panasonic point and shoot and my Canon.

MrRob’s pics from my camera

Weird not seeing Sian’s lovely face tonight. A Newcastle gig is not the same without her.

Lots of friendly, familiar faces in tonight. Was a brilliant night.

So that’s it, the end of this part of the tour. But we’re heading to HRH tomorrow, where the guys have a slot on Saturday’s main stage. We’ve got tomorrow covered, courtesy of The Idol Dead, but those lovely Electric Boys are going to sort us out for Saturday 🙂 Thanks guys x

By Bitchin Rock Mistress

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