Electric Boys, The Idol Dead , Electric Mary, Buffalo Summer @Hard Rock Hell VI (30th November and 1st December 2012)

by Bitchin Rock Mistress
Electric Boys, The Idol Dead, Electric Mary, Buffalo Summer @Hard Rock Hell VI (30th November and 1st December 2012)
Hard Rock Hell VI
Hafan Y Môr Holiday Park

(all pics taken with iPhone 5 and Panasonic Lumix DMC LX 3)

Saying good bye to Electric Boys was bittersweet. We knew they would be at HRH and we had Friday passes courtesy of those love Idol Dead guys. But Electric Boys are playing Saturday. Fingers crossed they get us passes

Driving to North Wales, Two thirds of way on road to Hell. We slept overnight in Llafairfechan, next to Promenade . A beautiful little town, surrounded by mountains with beautiful sea views. A Stunning place, we tend to drive straight past when touring Wales. Never again, we’ll be back.

Drinking #freshpots in van, we got a call from Franco to inform us they’d sorted full AAA passes for the weekend and they had them waiting on bus:) Yesssss *insert happy dance here* Thanks guys xx

So we’re on road to Hell…Highway To Hell that is. Tomtom thought it would be fun to take our meaty van down the back lanes and around some very bumpy roads. Beautiful views, but we felt a bit queasy upon arrival.

Spotted part of The Idol Dead in carpark and parked up, taking time to have a quick chat
Just by chance Nic (Electric Boys)was walking past and told us where the bus was parked. So we wandered up and had chat with their bus driver ( I feel bad, everyday we chatted with him and I can’t remember his name, but I tell you this, he is ace. A happy, friendly, nutty guy. Was great to see his smily face everyday)

Some pics of the journey, around site etc

Friday 30th November 2012
Into the fest and first band of list for us was Australian rockers Electric Mary on Stage 2. Have loved these guys for many years and used to chat with singer Rusty on myspace.
But this was first time seeing them. WOW they exceeded expectations. Only downer was, we had to leave before end of set, ready for The Idol Dead on Stage 1.

Great to bump into Bad Touch Singer and guitarist. Lovely guys. (they supported Electric Boys at the London gig)

The Idol Dead were brilliant. Great to see them on the huge stage, having room to prance around and strike a pose 😉 Could have done without the excess Paraffin, being spat out by the fire eating ladies, during Dion though. Great display, very effective stage show. But all the front row and all stage was showered in the stuff 🙁
Was so proud of the guys. They played a blinding set and I even saw Tim smile…..several times 😉 A lovely big crowd watching too. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂
Great to see Stevi and Katie Rox. Stevi had a tear in his eye when he saw Kc (true to his word) was wearing his specal homemade ‘I wish I was Stevi Rox’ shirt. awww

Covered in paraffin, meant we had to make a trip back to van to change clothes and wash 🙁 We stank of it all weekend. We parked van up in campsite next to the Electric Boys tour bus. We had a beautiful shower/toilet block and everything.

By time we’d changed etc, we ran back down to catch Buffalo Summer, just as they were playing last half, of last song 🙁 Gutted or what !! We love their sound, play the CD quite a bit and have a sing along, so we were looking forward to seeing the live show. Hopefully we’ll catch them soon on the road

Made first of several trips to Papa Johns Pizza window. Where MrRob and Sabra gobbled their way through the delicious smelling, crispy, saucy, cheese and veg covered dough 🙁

Over to Artist area to have a chat with The Idol Dead guys and Electric Boys. On way out I spotted Rusty (Electric Mary) and walked over to say hello. Hands in air he said “It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it!!” lol Great to finally meet him and chat about our exchanging music many years ago. He’s a lovely guy.

Sabra met up with KC to watch Die So Fluid (Not my thing) , so MrRob and I headed across to catch a bit of Sebastian Bach set. We waited and waited and waited. 50 mins after he was supposed to be on, still no sign. I’d been elbowed, shunted and had beer poured down my boots by this stage and been gassed by someone’s tour belly. I really couldn’t give a damn about seeing Seb, only came in for MrRob, but when he told me, he felt same. We quickly got out of there. PHEW

So we headed back to van for a chill.
Arrrghhhhh Long story, but it was a very long, very restless night. I’ll leave out details 😉

Saturday 1st December 2012
Pinch Punch and all that

Sabra staying in van for a while. So MrRob and I head down to the Fest.
Only band I really really want to see today, before we leave at teatime is our guys Electric Boys. We got there in time to catch last 15 minutes of Little Ceaser. Not seen them before. Were good, but just not my thing.

Electric Boys finally made it on to stage to set up and up goes the backdrop. Woohoo
Oh man, they were amazing. Poor Andy was having bass problems. Young Gustav running on and off stage tying to get things fixed.
I’ll always prefer smaller gigs, but Seeing them on that stage after being at these more ‘intimate’ gigs was a real treat.
We’ ve fallen in love with these guys, really hope to go on road with the again…..if they’ll have us 😉

Back to van to see Sabra and back in for their Pizza, Unfortunately, we have to leave now. So it’s time to say goodbye. Hugs for bus driver, hopefully catch him on road again soon. He’s ace

Managed to catch Franco and Nic by the bus…….then spotted Conny and Andy by bar. So after tearful (MrRob) hugs, was time to hit road.

Great to see so many friendly familar faces including, Ringo, Dave (Falling Red), Kat Ball, Jon Hardcastle, Heather. Sorry if I missed anyone, but it was great to see you all 🙂

Cracking Fest, well laid out and it has a Starbucks m/

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

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