Velvet Star, The Idol Dead, Blacklist Saints & The Kingcrows @ Riverside, Selby. Dec 7th 2012

by Bitchin Rock Mistress
Velvet Star, The Idol Dead, Blacklist Saints & The Kingcrows @ Riverside, Selby. Dec 7th 2012
Last night took us back to the Selby Zone 😉 After last time , we weren’t sure what to expect.My mind is still fried from those memories 😉

Entering Selby, you can’t help but see the Christmas Decorations. This town/city has splashed out. Every lampost has a decoration

On to venue. When Velvet Star arrived, we got on with task of removing all those suplus staples from board. It needs a good sort out 😉 Trouble is, my fingers are sore now from ripping those little feckers out 😉 All bands here and ‘soundcheck’ done. It’s time to get this show on the road.

First up were Punk rockers The Kingcrows

Next up The Blacklist Saints. Cracking band, really nice guys. We even bought their EP 🙂 We know guitarist Ian Savage from years ago when he was in Sweet Seduction. Great to see him again

Seems someone’s plugged one too many gadgets in, forcing the stage and venue (Apart from bar) into darkness 🙁 Sound/lighting guy twiddled kniobs and shouted out “What did you plug in” …..To replies of “Guitars, amps, just normal gig stuff you know” 😉

Here’s some pics of odds and sods and people waiting for power to come on.

The Idol Dead played a cracking set. But I’m gobsmacked and sad they’ve dropped I.D.O.L from setlist !!! Why guys, why??

Velvet Star on top form tonight. Sorry no pics, but I was too busy rockin out and enjoying the set.
As a 4 piece, the band works for most part, with new material, they’ll be sorted 😉
What a gig!!!! Great crowd. So good to see Riverside packed with people and 4 great bands on. Kudos to all bands for sticking around all night. You ROCK

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

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