Velvet Star (supporting Dogs D’Amour) @ Corporation, Sheffield Sat 8th Dec 2012

By Bitchin Rock Mistress
Velvet Star (supporting Dogs D’Amour) @ Corporation, Sheffield Sat 8th Dec 2012

With MrRob being poorly sick, we weren’t sure if we’d make tonights gig.
But after last night (excellent gig), we just had to make the effort.Plus probably last time we’ll see our Velvet Star guys this year 🙁

So off to Corporation we went.

Tonight the gig is big room. My first time in here since it was ‘refurbished’ 😉 It’s nice to have some merch room, but bloody hell it’s freezing in this room. Luckily Grandad Rob and I had brought a flask and our thermal cups, so spent night drinking hot herbal tea \m/ Oh yes, we know how to ROCK 😉

I could see the gig in the distance, but sound wise was difficult to hear properly. The walls between bar area and the venue bounce the sound back in …..but I’m not complaining. I love the Corp, have seen and worked at many, many cracking gigs there and the staff are ace.

First up were Mary’s Ruin
Not my thing, but they got the night warmed up nicely


Next up were our guys Velvet Star. Only a 4 piece now, they have much more stage room to work with and they made the most of it. MrRob coughing his way to front, took some shots for me. No point me taking any, they never use mine 😉 As Danny says “MrRob gets the money shots” 😉

While it was great to see and hear Dogs D’Amour again after 20 years, by this time I was frozen to core.
Had coat, scarf, gloves on at one point and still couldn’t get warm. (Think I may be getting manflu)


All in all, great night, but was glad to get home to a warm bed 🙂 Sad to say goodbye to the guys, but we’ll see them all soon, no doubt 😉

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

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