The Idol Dead, PseudoNympho, Honeycomb Love & You Had Me At Hello @ 360 Club, Leeds. Fri 28th June 2013

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

Well, it’s been 6 months since I’ve been to a gig of any sort. MrRb and I had already made the decision we were going to be more choosy about who we tour with and merch for. Then in the New Year we adopted a dog, Bailey and we have spent time getting to know him, train him, etc. So gigging became a thing of past for while.

But last night I decided it was time I showed my face at The Idol Dead gig and spent some gig time with my daughter Sabra. We make a great merch bitch team 😉

Leaving MrRob at home with Bailey, Sabra and I headed to Leeds. Her driving in her car and I in our Elgrand. Dropping Sabra’s car off at KC’s I took over the journey to the venue. B**dy one way systems and dead ends and missing turn off…..we took the magical mystery tour of Leeds. We got there eventually….. about 25 minutes later (when we’d only been 10 minutes away in first place)

We got here in time for soundcheck of a few of the bands, so there was loads of time to set up merch.
All in all, a great night, with some cracking music.I’m glad I made the effort to get out to a gig again 🙂

I really wish I’d taken my big boy camera though. Thought I’d be ok with my fancy little Panasonic, but it’s much easier to work out settings on my Canon. Oh well, there’s a few pics, not brilliant, but that’s down to me being rusty and not familiar with the camera in gig setting.

You Had Me At Hello
Young, confident, happy guys. Great start to the night. So good to see a good crowd in the room too.

Honeycomb Love
I loved these guys. Loads of energy and great interaction with crowd. Even going as far as shouting out for someone to step up and sing a Skid Row number with them. Wolfgang from PseudoNymph obliged.

PseudoNympho Made my ears bleed. Not my thing, musically at all. But I like that they have the balls to go for something so way out and different.
I want to see them on a bigger stage, see what they do when they have a load of space…. you never know, I might just get into their style.

The Idol Dead
It’s been way too long since I saw the guys, but I tell you, it was worth the wait. The Idol Army was here in force tonight and what a night it was !!! My only complaint was they ended way too soon. We want more !! 😉

Another magical mystery tour to get out of Leeds. Don’t you just love it when Tom Tom takes you down a dead end, where there are gang of hooded youths heading your way !! Not saying they were bad boys, but I didn’t feel comfortable in that situation thank you TomTom

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

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