Psychobabylon and The Idol Dead @ Sitwell Tavern, Derby. September 7th 2013

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

What’s that you say? Bitchin Rock going to their 2nd gig of the year?? Are they mad? 😉 Yep, it’s true, last night Sabra and myself headed to Derby. With KC designated to back seat, I was passenger, whilst the more than competent Sabra chauffeured us to gig. We did great until actually getting within yards of venue….then the navigation system in car went flip. Taking us completely wrong way 😉

Outside venue looks like your regular ‘local’. Wasn’t sure what to expect inside. But it’s great. Lots of mirrors, dark wall, funky little art pieces (bottle caps, old gig memorabilia etc). Stage is a little snug, but I’ve seen a lot smaller.

Great to see lots of familiar faces and must admit I felt loved. Loads of hugs and missed you’s. Thanks everyone. I know we’ve neglected gig scene this year, but I really needed a break.

Finally its gig time
The Idol Dead
Another cracking set from the guys, despite the lack of space
Had a ‘great’ little dance with Ginna 😉

Next up
By the time they came onstage, I was tired, had sucked in copious amounts of second hand cigarette smoke and just wanted to get home. Sorry guys, I don’t think I was in right frame of mind to watch you 🙁 I’m getting old you know, I need my bed 😉
But I’m more than happy to come to another gig before I make up my mind.

With KC safely back in back seat, I took over the drive home. Sabra had sucked in so much smoke she sounded like Marge Simpson’s sisters 🙁
Navigation took us on magical mystery tour again. Bloody thing is useless. It’d be easier asking a drunk idiot the way home 😉

Bitchin Rock Mistress

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