The Idol Dead, Psychobabylon & King Nothing @360 Club, Leeds. Friday 9th May 2014

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

The Idol Dead, Psychobabylon & King Nothing @360 Club, Leeds. Friday 9th May 2014

it’s been a long time since my last gig. Eight months in fact. I have some illness/virus that grabbed hold of my body and shook the shits out of me. Finally I am at a stage where I am able to do things again…I still suffer, but not to the extent it stops me doing stuff. I just need to know my limits.

What I finally realised yesterday was, not only did this virus….whatever it is….grab me physically, but it has also shaken me mentally. I fret about stuff now, I worry about driving, my confidence is not so strong…etc etc

So Giddy with excitement and nerves, I made the journey to meet up at Sabra and KC’s. A journey that should take about 45 minutes, took me 2 hours!! Van broken down in middle of A1. Incidents ahead, car on fire …. and But I tell you what, I loved it. It was so cool to be behind the wheel, music blasting and preparing myself mentally for the night.

Arrived with minutes until taxi was due. A quick cuddle of my fur Grandbabies. Then A quick change of clothes….including wearing fishnets for first time in ages 😉 KC caught me unawares with a “Here, hold these”…shoving the pledge earrings I’d made into my hands, so he could get a pic. Me in front of camera spells disaster. Just go on The Idol Dead’s Facebook page to see

That’s enough of me waffling on, let’s get to gig.
I took my big boy camera and fretted about getting pics. But people say, it’s like riding a bike.How you pedal a camera is beyond me 😉
Lovely greetings from the bands, especially Idol Dead..and Sabra and I set to setting up merch. Man those guys have loads, where did they get all those ideas from? 😉
I made some special necklaces for Psychobabylon to celebrate their album launch. I think they liked them 😉

Idol Dead 2014_04_09_Library

First band on, not my thing and they buggered off after they set anyway, so I’ll say no more about them 😉

King Nothing
I liked these guys. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but a great bluesy Rock style. Loads of energy from the vocalist too. He swings those locks like nobody’s business 😉


Well, what can I say…. they were flipping fantastic. So glad I got to see them on a more spacious stage than the previous gig. Give these guys the room and Rusty makes the most of it. He gets into a character and man does he play the part well, donning a mad scientist style and using loads of hand movements, he can look quite scary 😉
excellent band, brilliant guitar solos….but my favourite part is Ginna’s drumming. I adore his style and his facial expressions 😉

You can buy their album here


The Idol Dead

I love these guys. I love their stage presence, I love they are down to earth off stage and I love being part of their team (I help make a lot of their merch for pledges etc)
The crowd may have thinned out, but there are more than enough Idol Army in to make it a raucous night.
Gaffa tape over nipples, decked out in all kinds of green and black…feather boas, bracelets, ties…even a boob tube 😉

and faces held in permanent grins, a band couldn’t ask for a better following

The guys are currently running a pledge campaign for album number 3. They have got some very tasty incentives to pledge on. Go have a look, via this link and please dig deep.
The Idol Dead….No More Room in Hell


The night ended with a raffle (raising cash for Rusty’s mates. They had just completed a barge pull from Liverpool to Leeds to raise cash for Lung Cancer charity). With the raffle and donations we raised a lovely sum.

I had a cracking night with loads of great people in the room. Best of all I got to spend time with my beautiful daughter Sabra.

By Bitchin Rock Mistress

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