White Trash Presidents & Honeycomb Love @ Diamond, Sutton. Thursday 22nd May 2014

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

I’m so excited, tonight we get to see our long, lost friend’s, Magnus and Post of Star*Rats fame. Magnus and Post have long since stepped away from Star*Rats (RIP a great band) and are back even bigger and better, in the form of White Trash Presidents. Timing couldn’t have been better for today’s gig….it’s European Elections and I know who I’m voting for 😉 Who doesn’t want A President who says “Moonshine for all!!” ??

Sabra, KC, even MrRob (He hasn’t been to a gig since Dec 2012!!) tonight and I can’t wait.
This will also be our first night leaving Bailey boy alone in car (our Rescue dog…Germanshorthaired Pointer X Springer Spaniel). We’ve invested in a Thundershirt for him and have to say, it does seem to help with his anxieties. Making sure he was walked, fed and watered and warm, we settled him in his cage. I’ll check on him and take him for stretch of legs after first band

Seeing the guys again was brilliant. It’s been 3 years since we last saw them. I brought Magnus his Creme Eggs (He’s hooked on them since last tour). Do you think 5 boxes of 6 will be enough to get him through the tour? 😉 Man I’ve missed these guys, especially Magnus. We keep in touch via texts and Facebook, so hadn’t lost touch completely.

To top night off, we got to spend some time with Danny and Corey (ex Velvet Star) and the lovely Mr and Mrs Quinn. I do believe the lovely Tracy took a few videos of night. You can find them here Tracy’s Youtube

First on were Honeycomb Love
These guys know how to Rock and have fun at same time. Just watching their facial expressions and feet stomping is infectious. Try standing still while these guys are on, it’s nigh on impossible.
Apologies to the guys for not saying hello…..even though I did smile at singer a few times before gig, he looked at me like he thought I might start stalking him 😉 That’s not the case, honest.


White Trash Presidents

Poor Post wasn’t have any luck for first part of set. Let’s say he had ‘technical’ problems. It gave Magnus time to try out some stand up comedy on us. Stick with singing Magnus 😉
If you ever get a chance to go and see White Trash Presidents, grab it with both hands. They are flipping amazing, even with ‘technical’ problems. They make you want to drink moonshine and play a banjo 😉 I wish we were on the rest of tour.
Fingers crossed they’ll be back in UK very soon. Come see them

Thanks to Darren for copy of setlist x

Saying good-bye is hard to do 😉 But we’ll all meet again. If not in UK, we’ll head over to Denmark and Sweden again 😉


We couldn’t stick around for Falling Red. But Tracy has some vids of those too…. same link as above. Leave her some love

best of luck to White Trash Presidents and Falling Red with rest of tour.

by the way, Bailey was walked after Honeycomb Love, half asleep I might add. Back in car, kibble, water and back to sleep. He was brilliant tonight. Lots of cuddles when we got home 🙂

by Bitchin Rock Mistress

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