KC’s 30th Birthday Bash… Psychobabylon, Modern Day Dukes, Fear The Ocean, The Idol Dead 6th Aug 2014

By Bitchin Rock Mistress

Last night we had the privilege and pleasure of attending KC’s 30th Birthday Bash. Venue was Eiger studios in Leeds.

A cracking venue, decent size, great little stage, sound was brilliant. The building has beautiful internal brickwork and steelwork , my kind of place.

Kc’s family, friend’s , band mates, a few strays from upstairs and Eiger staff made the crowd.

Apologies for using flash all night, but there was no way I’d have got anything usable without. The LED lights are very pretty, but a nightmare for photography

I am still very uncomfortable using flash and never quite certain if I’ll get anything I like, it loses the atmosphere for me. But I’m happy with these shots.

4 fanbloodytastic bands…. and I’m not just saying that. KC chose the cream of the crop
Modern Gay Dukes,
Queer The Ocean
The ILove Dick

and the camaraderie was great to see.
I’ll not write separate piece on each band. I’ll just say that I enjoyed each and every one and I would pay a good penny to go see this line-up again.
Having said that, I do have to mention Fear The Ocean. Fronted and created by our very own KC, their debut gig was something I’ll always remember. The joy, the pride, the sheer pleasure of the moment for KC and the guys was something I’m proud to have seen. They were superb

The night involved
an inflatable zimmer frame,
loads of balloons (which I had to throw on stage while taking pics at same time)
birthday banners
Bare footed musicians
climbing musicians
and lots of fun

KC’s Birthday


PsychBabySchlong aka Psychobabylon


Modern Gay Dukes aka Modern Day Dukes


Queer The Ocean aka Fear The Ocean


The ILove Dick aka Idol Dead


Bitchin Rock Mistress

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