Electric Boys, Bad Touch, The Remedy +Theia, Wolves Slade Rooms, Friday 19th September

Electric Boys, Bad Touch, The Remedy, Theia

First day of tour. Bailey’s first time. Will be a tricky time, he gets seperation anxiety and his paw is still very sore and coveredwith a baby sock.

MrRob misjudged time and distance, so we arrived quite late in day.
* In the mad rush we forgot to check Bailey’s sock, which we would come to regret later on…..*

John, the Electric Boys tour bus driver came and said his hellos. I could tell from day one he was going to be trouble 😉 only joking.

Off to Slade Rooms. Luckily we had the merch boxes with us. But I really wish I’d opened them and sorted through last night. No order to anything….thanks guys 😉

Eventually worked out a system and got everything laid out, just before doors.
Hadn’t even seen guys yet, so hadn’t got prices for anything. Lots of people wanting to buy, but I couldn’t sell a thing. ….. Not without checking with guys….. And I couldn’t reach them
After about half an hour, I decided to make the prices myself and at same time the guys walked in 🙂 Between us, we got the prices sorted and the selling began.

Luckily the Bad Touch guys had theirs ready for me and their boxed system is foolproof…most of the time 😉

Bitchin Rock’s Pete had turned up tonight. Still recovering from illness, was good to see him nodding head to the nights proceedings. I’d made apple crumbles especially for him..hope he enjoyed them

4 bands on tonight.
Theia opened

Next up were The Remedy

No more pics from me tonight. I’m going to soak up the sound and experience of the 2 touring bands while I have a chance. Who knows where merch will be at next few gigs

Bad Touch took to stage and I must admit I’d forgotten how deep Stevie’s voice was. Man that guy has got a right set of pipes on him. Tom Jones eat your heart out 😉
This is a cracking young band. Beautiful funky sound and hair any woman would be proud of

Electric Boys took to the stage and the Slade Rooms went wild. It’s been 2 years since they last toured UK, so people are more than ready to see the guys again. They played a good mix of songs, old and quite a few from their brand new album ‘Starflight United’. Not available in UK yet, but I had a few copies on merch. Needles to say they sold like hot cakes 😉

These guys know how to Rock and have fun at same time. Their funky, catchy tunes, with plenty of audience participation leaves everyone screaming for more. Roll on rest of tour.

I love that the Electric Boys take time to come our after each gig and sign stuff, have pics taken and chat with people. No airs and graces with these guys, just happy to spread the love.
Good to see Martin tonight too. A true rock fan who always buys a bit of merch.

A special word abut one Electric Boys fan who had travelled all way from Isle Of Wight. I think his name was Michael. Michael is mute and carries a special machine that he types his phrases out for you to read. A lovely man, who was so happy to see the guys. He waited patiently while everyone else had things signed and took photos with the guys, then out came his autograph book, CDs etc, all for the guys to sign. What a star x

*During the night MrRob and Pete had gone back to van to check on Bailey. Unfortunately the sock had been ripped off and Bailey had licked his wound raw 🙁 Cleaned and redressed, we’ll have to be more careful in future.*

Goodbyes to Pete and the guys and we’re On the road again, off to find a spot to sleep for night. It took ages and eventually we had to stop because a thick fog had descended and we couldn’t see. It was gone 3am.

When we woke in morning, we had lucked out. A beautiful spot, just outside grounds of Hardwick House (National Trust Property)

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