Electric Boys, Bad Touch, Red Jester at Sheffield Corporation. Saturday 20th September 2014

Saturday 20th September, Sheffield Corporation

Electric Boys, Bad Touch, Red Jester

*no gig pics in this blog*

Not much sleep, cars whizzing past my head since 6am. I needed Freshpots and lots of it. My little percolator to the rescue. MrRob not feeling so good, so we’re going to be stuck here for hours while he rests up. But it’s a beautiful spot.
Bailey, wound dressed and wearing his booty, we head out for a gentle walk.

More Freshpots and we’re ready to hit the road. Not far to go. So we find what we think is quieter spot, near to venue. That way MrRob can nap and Bailey won’t be barking at passers by all night.

After a walk around park, and the hunt for Starbucks, which was fruitless, because they’ve gone……
Back to Bam, where the boys will stay , while I go set up. MrRob having dinner and a nap, ready fie long trek to Glasgiw.

Linsey was here to sell for Bad Touch tonight, so I only had one band to look after.

Soundcheck done and merch is ready. It’s almost time for doors.

As I was on my own, I didn’t take pics tonight. Not my favourite place to shoot anyway. Being 5ft2, the high stage and stacks can pose a problem for me 😉 Maybe next time I’ll bring a little step ladder 😉

I didn’t see gig tonight, but only being around corner of room, I heard it all. Audience were brilliant. After a while the place was rammed and man did it get sweaty in there. I could feel heat radiating from crowd 😉

MrRob came in to catch Electric Boys set.

By the time the guys left the stage and headed over to merch, the place was very hot….but so many happy, smiling faces, all forming an orderly queue waiting for their turn to meet the guys. I love it.
Merch packed, time to hit road. I stupidly grab box of CDs to keep them safe.

Back to Bam, the chevvy van…..but oh NOOOOOOO he’s knackered. We aren’t going anywhere. I run back to guys tour bus with the CDs, but can’t find anyone. So I email Each one of them explaining situation and tell them we’ve got CDs. But no luck. They’d already hit road before they saw email.
No Glasgow for us tomorrow and no CDs for guys 🙁 I hate letting people down.

Alternator (which was replaced only few months ago) is knackered 🙁
MrRob calls Recovery and explains it’s a heavy van, will need a flatbed truck to get us home. So they send out man in tiny van….. He’s no help, so he calls company and says we’ll need tow truck. Couple if hours later, out comes 2nd guy. He was great and tried his best, but our van just too heavy. As he was lifting our van, his was lifting off ground at front 😉 lol. He was a lovely guy and had a sift spot fir Bailey .

5 hours after our breakdown, the recovery people finally send us a flatbed. Sat in back, we had to have Bailey in laps, he was petrified 🙁
Back home to Burton Leonard just after 6am.

Time for bed. We’ll work something out tomorrow for rest of tour. I’m not letting the guys down now.

*****Spending all that time, stuck in Sheffield, during Fresher’s week was an experience I never want to go through again. Seeing so many young people, wandering around, doing the silliest things, walking in front of cars and police vans, sitting in road, smashing glasses, screaming, fighting, swaying into traffic. Young girls on their own and so drunk they couldn’t walk straight. ******

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