Electric Boys, Bad Touch & Rank Berry at Glasgow Classic Grand.Sunday 21st September

Sunday 21st September, Glasgow Classic Grand
Electric Boys, Bad Touch & Rank Berry

So, we grabbed a few hours sleep and arranged a hire car for tomorrow. Nothing fancy, just something to get us around. Means we’ll have to rely on hotels or going home after each gig, but it’s doable.
If our day van wasn’t in garage, we’d be ok.

Apologies to anyone wanting to buy the Electric Boys CDs. Really wanted to be there to sell them to you, but timing and carless we just couldn’t get there

Sounds like Glasgow was a great night and we missed it 🙁
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Monday 24th September
Day off

So today was a lot of running around for MrRob. He had hire car company pick him up to collect car. Then he drove up to Thirsk to deliver parts for day van to be fixed. Then down to Leeds for some sort of fluid 😉 . Back home in time for us to take Bailey boy to vet to get that toe checked. Poor boy is taking ages to heal, due to it not being stitched in first place. We’ve had to dress it to keep it clean and prevent licking, but in doing so, we’ve made in between his toes a bit sweaty and horrible 🙁

so more antibiotics and some hibiscrub to clean his toe gaps.

We had a chat with our grown up son and he has agreed to look after Bailey when we’re at gigs each day. He can keep an eye on his paw and give him cuddles.

For my day off, I cleaned house, sorted more merch signs and made more necklaces for guys to sell !!!!

So, We will drive to gig and home each day. It’s not a long tour and the distances are not so bad. MrRob is a great driver and he’s like a certain battery company’s bunnies, he goes for hours 😉

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