Electric Boys, Bad Touch & Hellion Rising at Think Tank, Newcastle.Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Tuesday 23rd September
Newcastle Think Tank
Electric Boys, Bad Touch & Hellion Rising

We’ve decided, don’t want to do and can’t face the journey’s in the little hire car, so we’re going to chase up a bigger car or see if garage can get our Elgrand fixed in time.
No luck with either….until we get a call from our brilliant mechanic at midday, to say Charlie, our Elgrand was ready!!! What a star.
Van picked up, CDs in merch kit and we hit the road

Think Tank is a new venue for us. Painted black inside, with a little stage set in corner of room. Merch set up just to side. So for us, was a great spot because we got to see the whole gig.

Because of all the fuss of travel, different car etc, I’d decided to leave big camera at home. But I so regretted it when I tried taking some shots with point and shoot. It’s a fancy little camera that tries to be too clever and cocks up the shots. I was gutted. Have left a few shots in, but they are not too good.

Hellion Rising did great job of opening night. Just wish there hadn’t been such a big gap between stage and people for them and Bad Touch. A gap which was soon filled when Electric Boys hit the stage. Thanks for the CD guys

Great thing about tonight was, with our prime merch spot, The guys got to see our funky dance moves…..sorry guys 😉

Ginger Wildheart, friend of Conny and the guys showed up. Our lovely Idol Dead friends Karen and Jason were there, that was a lovely surprise, those 2 are bonkers …. But I love them 😉

After gig, signing time again. One guy had a bag full of LPs and Cds to sign!!!

Not such a good night merch wise, but to be honest, there weren’t as many people in as the other gigs.

Quick chat with Bad Touch and Electric Boys, John and tech Ross outside and then….
We need to hit road, so we have enough time to sleep and travel to next gig. Ohhhhhhh the things we go through 😉
Travelling home each night means we have no spare daytime to spend with the guys or to sightsee. Which really sucks. But if it means we’re at gigs, then all is cool.

Back home, Bailey went crazy and paws where everywhere trying to get a cuddle. He managed to punch me right in face. That boy’s got a cracking right hook on him 😉 He’s managed to pierce my lip and just under. Great I’m going to look like I have some disease on face for rest of tour.

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