Electric Boys, Bad Touch & Bad Dog at Llandudno Junction Labour Club. Wednesday 24th September 2014

Wednesday 24th September
Llandudno Junction Labour Club
Electric Boys, Bad Touch & Bad Dog (https://www.facebook.com/

Llandudno is a few hours away, but we can’t leave until 2pm ish. We are waiting for delivery of Electric Boys CD’s. I’m gutted we missed a trip around Conwy Castle with the guys too ….and coffee 🙁

No sign of CD’s so we have to head off. Bailey so confused and sad we’re leaving again. He even made a run for the van

No stops when MrRob is on a mission, so by time we find venue, I have legs well and truly crossed 😉

No time to admire views either.

Talking of venue, it’s a blast from past. A working men’s club, just like the ones we had family wedding receptions at in South Wales. Unfortunately, that means a table and chairs venue, with a gap in between them and stage for dancing. Hope people stand for gig.

From outside, you’d never guess a Rock gig was going down tonight.

But the guys running the night were ace. Playing loads of great Rock tunes before the gig. Great sound system and decent size stage. Only thing I’d have liked, would be better lighting to take pics.

Mark, Bad Touch manager: “can’t believe you don’t wear the band’s t-shirt” (I was wearing a fetching little purple number designed by Pais at Highgreen Dawn (lead singer at Modern Day Dukes)

Me: “I know I should, will put one on later”

Mark goes off and comes back with a pink, sleeveless Bad Touch hoody!!!
Mark : “There”
Me: ” But it’s pink , I don’t wear pink!!!”

Anyway, MrRob wanted me put it on for a pic, so I did……..shitbag posted it online 🙁 Cheers MrRob…I owe you one


On to gig.
First up were Welsh band, Bad Dog
Really enjoyed their set. Very rockerbilly, funky style . Very catchy, foot tapping stuff. I did attempt to get some shots, but being stubborn about not using flash, they are not sharp and crisp.
Seemed to go down well with crowd too, but not enough to get them up front


Bad Touch shaked their moneymakers and still the crowd sat down.


Maybe the Electric Boys will get people up. …..Conny even asked “You’re not going to sit all night, surely?”
But sit most of them did. Loads of cheering and clapping, so I’m sure people enjoyed it.
MrRob and I shook our butts the whole gig and we’d been sat in car for hours
A couple of Bad Touch, Stevie and Seeks I think, bust out some hip gyrating moves, which made Conny laugh 😉


Guys came offstage and pointed out our dancing had caught their eyes;) They were impressed……I think ! Lol

Sold Out of what few CDs we had left. Tried to work out when the rest would arrive. Delivery tracking had gone tits up and got so confusing. It said the delivery wouldn’t arrive until Monday…..despite it saying next day delivery !!:(

Anyway, despite the sit down gig, the night was a hit and met some lovely people. Was good to see some familiar faces too.


Quick chat with guys and home to Yorkshire again for few hours sleep.

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