Electric Boys, Bad Touch & Heartbreak Remedy at Workington Carnegie Theatre. Thursday 25th September 2014

By Bitchin Rock Mistress

Thursday 25th September, Workington Carnegie Theatre
Electric Boys, Bad Touch & Heartbreak Remedy

Checked UPS tracking again and CD delivery all back on track. CDs arriving anytime today. Fingers crossed they are here on time…..we have a few hours drive to Workington.

By 2pm, still no sign. I spoke online with delivery company, no help at all. At 5 pm ish I the delivery saw van drive past house!! Luckily he dame back about 10 minutes later. We quickly grabbed the CDs and drove the long drive to Workington. We made it in time for doors. Thanks MrRob

Merch in lobby tonight, so the guys will have to miss our dancing,
Bad Touch merch was already set up, so that was one job taken care of. Set up Electric Boys goodies, including lots of CDs 😉
Then our old friends Matty and Stephen brought their merch in (they are opening tonight with their band Heartbreak Remedy). So good to see them again, it’s been way too long. Both beautiful guys, inside and out.

A lovely lady had flown all the way from Japan for the show and brought the guys some little chocolate gifts with the band logo and their faces on . Now that’s a dedicated fan

I ran in to snap some shots of each band for part of a song each set, then back out to continue merch duties and to share sherbet sweeties with the venues staff 😉

Heartbreak Remedy
Matty was a huge part of Falling Red days for us and we were so gutted when he left. Then Heartbreak Remedy appeared and not only do we get Matty, but Stephen too. 2 for the price of one. Always so good to see them.


Bad Touch

Electric Boys


Sent MrRob in to dance for Electric Boys ! Don’t know if he did or not, you’ll have to ask him 😉
I could hear all gig from merch area, sound was superb

Great night and loads of people wanted stuff signing again. I love the way us Brits form an orderly queue for stuff.

Loads of hugs and merch packed up. It’s time to hit the road again. Back home for a quick sleep, before we head off for big smoke tomorrow.

By Donna

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