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The Photograph(s) in this gallery may not be duplicated, reproduced, televised or stored for later retrieval in print or electronic format, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the Copyright holders.

Using The Photograph(s) for websites, etc is usually fine, but please ask first (we dont charge for this but DO reserve our Copyright).
All enquiries can be made through the Email contact form.
Link Back
If you are displaying The Photograph(s) on your own publicly viewable website or Facebook, MySpace etc, you must provide a link back (to ” “) or a simple “Thank You to www.BitchinRockPhotos.Com” will do.

If you display The Photograph(s) anywhere,
YOU agree to

ensure the author’s watermark is not removed and is fully legible wherever and however you display The Photograph(s).

T&Cs last amended 5/8/2011 (MrRob)

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